Sebastián Farré

Sebastián Farré Riba (CTA)

I get a thrill from learning new paths and blazing new trails; I know this exercise is no relative of speed, but it is the brother of wisdom.

I am a legal scholar and economist by education, a tax and financial consultant, and I have specialized in analyzing the environment and development of the alternative management instruments that are now playing a consolidated role in international markets.

My training and experience in foreign trade and my mastery of international legislation have given me a broad knowledge of the mechanisms of market globalization, market regulation and the strong influence commodities and capital flows have on markets.

In 2002 I discovered the CTA model, and I was utterly fascinated, so much so that I threw myself into gaining a better knowledge of the model and spreading the word. The reward for all the years of study and research came in 2010, when I participated in the launch of the first hedge fund in the Spanish market to work with futures over a fully automated platform, NS selection-Capitrade CTA.

I’m quite familiar with the different parcels of the CTA world, and there are two ways I usually convey an overview of the subject to others:  first, by putting my colleagues from work in contact with other professionals and the new developments in the sector, and second by sharing the features of this financial management model with other people through interviews and speeches. It’s the second thing that I am going to be doing in this blog, sharing with all of you who are curious about what our job is like and decide to visit us. My task will be to guide you through the different sections of the blog, tip you off to new features as we bring them on line and introduce you to the people signing the entries.